HongKong Trip

This is my first time to HongKong. Hubby and I had planned it 2 weeks ago. Think to go there for a long time already but then time was not allowed. Finally, we managed to fly there on 26 June. We decided to make it as a free and easy trip for ourself since hubby was 3rd time there and I think it was not a problem as we know a bit cantonese.

26 June 2006
We took 9.15am flight. Wake up early in the morning and get a cab to KLIA. We reach HongKong International Airport (HKIA) at 1pm. A young guy (tourist guide) fetch us there. We met another couple from Penang at HKIA. The guide will only 'served' 4 of us for the following days. It is really a 'VIP' ya....
We went to 'Wong dai xin' temple. The tourist guide ask us to make a left and right turn at a fountain. According to the tourist guide, it is a fengshui fountain which created by a very famous fengshui master named 'cheng pak'. When u make a right turn it represent the fortune while left turn is to avoid those bad things happend.
We went to the Avenue of Stars at Tsim Sa Tsui at the evening. It is not as many as stars' palm print what we imagine. But we managed to see the progress of the movie making from the 60s to 90s. First tine I tasted the Hong Kong 'curry fishballs'. It is really more 'Q' compare with Malaysia's fishball. Tell you what, my shoes was open its 'mouth' when we walked in the half way. It must be give a signal that tell me it's time for a rest. Everyday at 8pm, there will be a 15 minutes laser show there. It was a really nice night scene.
We had the 'che zai min' as our dinner. Not as good as I imagined but still in the standard. Am I too choosy?? Start my shopping at the Temple Street. It is really a long long street. Managed to buy my 2nd shoes. First time saw the night street in HongKong. It was really crowd. The signboard are colourful. It is around 12am when back to our hotel. First day passed....

27 June 2006
It is a 'compulsory' half day tour. I don't understand why the HK tourism must provide the half day tour. I feel that the tourist guide does not work very sincerely and it only giving a short time for tourist to look around except going to the Jackie Chan's Jewellery City and the Chinese Herbal shop. As I know, if we don’t want to follow the half day tour, we also need to pay the HKD50 as the tourist guide’s tip.
We had a ‘poor’ dim sum as breakfast. The ‘chu cheong fan’ was so thick. So we decided to ask the tour guide where the recommended dim sum restaurant is. We met the tour guide in noon and went to the 浅水弯 ( Repulse Bay ), 香港仔 ( Abeerden ), 半山, 成龙珠宝行 ( Jewelry City ) , 中药店, 珍宝海鲜舫 ( Jumbo Kingdom ) and 金紫荆花广场. It is quite amazing that we can go so many places in the half day tour right?? Because it only took a few minutes to stay at a place to look around. I think less than 30 minutes sometime only 5-10 minutes. Except from the JC and the Herbal Shop, the tour guide did not give us time limit, I think because they can earn some commission from there. Realistic huh…I managed to buy a pendent from the JC. It is my Chinese horoscope (horse) with 7 ‘very small’ diamonds surrounds it. Hubby bought a Buddha pendent for MIL.
We went to the太平山顶 by ourselves after the last destination. We took the tram (more than 100 years history) up there. The journey is 1.4km and only took around 10 minutes to reach the peak. We went to the Madame Tussauds (杜莎夫人蜡像馆). Finally I can see the 蜡人明星on my own. It really looks like real and the Andy Lau’s model even got heart beat. We went to the 许留山甜品店for our dessert. What a relief!! It’s cool and delicious…
See you tomorrow!! Good night!!

28 June 2006
Today we go for a fabulous delicious dim sum as breakfast. Finally I can taste the real Hong Kong dim sum (叉烧饱, 烧卖, 春卷, 虾饺 & 萝卜糕).
We are going to the Ocean Park today. The entrance fee is HKD185/pax. We took the shuttle bus there. Luckily, managed to catch the first Dolphins Show. Hmm…weather was not so nice today. It is indeed a huge park. They are some different museum such as jellyfish, shark and underwater world. We went to see the pandas too. Luckily they are not sleeping. We leave the Park around 4pm and went to the Times Square.
I had my last shopping at Ladies Street. Haha...we almost spent all the money.

29 June 2006
It is our last day in Hong Kong. Our flight was at 2.45pm. We suppose go to the airport around 12pm but the tour guide met us on 10.30am due to the transport problem. *sigh* Hubby unable to do his last shopping. But I was full with satisfied when back. Luggage increase its weight to 16kg when back to Malaysia (only 6kg when depart).
See you next time, Hong Kong!!

4 Days Vacation

I was on my vacation to HongKong start from 26 June til 29 June. I promise to myself that will shop until I drop since they start their Shopping Festival 2006 already. Haha....


Daddy & I had been talk <<三只小猪>>> story to Thaddeus for these few days. So nowadays he is always asking us to talk the story to him by saying "pig pig..". And now, he can 'continue' the story by his own words.
Here we go..

Daddy / Mummy :从前从前,有三只什么??
Thad:Pig pig..*try to show his 3 fingers..*
Daddy / Mummy :有一天,pig pig 的 mummy 给pig pig 钱,叫pig pig去建自己的屋子。第一只pig pig,建了一间茅草的屋子,第二只pig pig,建了一间木板的屋子。第三只pig pig,建了一间砖块的屋子。有一天,什么来了??
Thad:"au..." (wolf sound)
Daddy / Mummy :狼来了。。。狼要来咬pig pig了!!狼怎样??
Thad:“hu.." *blow his mouth*
Daddy / Mummy :狼吹到第一和第二间屋子。到第三只pig pig 的家,狼用头去‘kok-kok’ pig pig 的家。。。。
Thad:*knock his head*
Daddy / Mummy : 屋子有没有倒??
Thad:"bo" (means 'No' in Hokkien)
Daddy / Mummy :狼"kok kok"头了。。什么来救它??
Thad:ai-ya-i-ya.. (ambulance sound)
Daddy / Mummy :故事讲完了,好不好听??
Thad:*clap his hands*

BookFest @ Malaysia

We bring Thad to the BookFest @ Malaysia in KLCC today. This is a huge & large book exhibiton (5 exhibition halls). Adults (>18 yrs old) need RM2 entrance fee. We always go to book shop with Thad once got chance because he likes books (sometimes). When we reach the BookFest, we got a 'date chop' on hand at the entrance. The 'chop' allows us to enter the bookfest unlimited in a day. Thad also ask for a chop on his hand..
Thaddeus is so excited when enter the hall. Run run here and there. Hard to hold his hand inside. We are unable to gone through the whole exhibition hall cause Thad needs to take his nap (he'll be 'pek chek' if did not take nap).
Thad had choose a small book and puzzle for himself. We choose 2 'big' color pictures books for him too. It's cheap. And hubby choose a <<孙子兵法>>> for himself. Me?? Empty-handed...