Food Poisoning (cont)

Thad doesn’t show that he is better than yesterday. He is still under fever, vomit and diarrhea. We know his paed open today. So early in the morning, hubby goes to the clinic to get a number for him (the clinic refuse book number thru phone). Only 10am++ but Thad already in no.17. Still 11/2 hour to 2 hours to wait.

When we reach the clinic, Thad was asked to check his weight and temperature. The thermometer (37.3°C) does not show Thad was fever but we can feel his body is heat. When the paed gone thru checking with Thad, she tell us that Thad still consider ok but he must control what he eat from now on. He is not allowed to drink his milk milk till he is recovering although yesterday the 1st paed gave us a lactose free milk powder.

The paed only subscribe 2 medicines to us this time. She adds a charcoal carbon tablet and the probiotic to Thad. The paed told us that Thad can only has bread (allowed with jam), plain porridge, and mee suah as his food. Luckily still got mee suah, cuz is his favorites.

This time sick is different from previous. We got to look after him carefully.

Get well soon my son…Cheers!!!

Our 3rd Year..

Happy Anniversary to my dearest & myself. This is the 3rd year of our journey. At first, we would like to have a feast for ourselves of course along with Thad. But we had to cancel the celebration due to Thad food poisoning.

Btw, this year consider an unforgettable anniversary… :p

h@PpY 3RD @nNivErsaRy

Food Poisoning

Today is the 4th day of the CNY. When we wake up in the morning, mother told me that Thad was vomit and diarrhea at the midnight about 3 times. OMG!!

Last night when he is changing his pyjamas, he vomits once. All of us thought because he played too much at the day time. But now, he is fever. He hasn’t sick for quite long since last time. We called to his paed, but she is still in holiday. The clinic not opens yet. So we decide to send him to his previous paed.

The paed diagnose that Thad was suffer under food poisoning. Those symptom that Thad having showed that was food poisoning. Poor my little kid...But luckily, he is not 脱水. The paed gives Thad 5 medicines. Wow…so many…make me feel suffer want to see he eat so much. (@_@)

Hopefully he will get well soon.



Happy V Day

Happy Valentine Day to you & your dearest one.... Muuuuuuuuuak!!

Happy V Day...

Cyber Pet Adoption

As u can see from my page (left sidebar), I just 'adopt' 2 little cute pets. A penguin and a piggy. If you are interested to play with them, you may click on the little cute pet, one of them can make sound and the other one will drop into the water. Other than that, you may also click on the to feed them their favourite.

Welcome to the Cyber Pet world...!!

Not only me...

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