Beijing Day 3

3rd day in Beijing. We are going to Yu He Yuan 颐和园。Our tourist guide said today will be a tired trip for us coz all the place need to walk n walk n walk....

We reach 颐和园quite early today. Cool day...It is a big (suppose to say huge) garden. I must say that the emperor that time are so 好命 to own a garden for them to stroll etc. The whole garden is around 22k sq ft. Big?? ABSOLUTELY!!! But the scenery is so nice and beautiful. The old folks have a habit to write poem on the floor. You can see an 'uncle' or 'auntie' to write doing that around there. We can also see China popular 四合院 in the garden.

The building, the rooms and even the roof are very unique built. They did not using any nails. How they do it?? Wonder wonder wonder....
Next, the Pearl factory...again, I dunno how to 'see' a pearl.... empty-handed...

Lunch time....we had a Beijing most popular food...Beijing Duck北京烤鸭 in the most popular restaurant 全聚德. The duck is very juicy and crispy. Before start eating the duck, the waitress will demonstrate how to 'wrap' the duck. It's a must try food. Hubby was not a 'duck-liker' but he eats a lot too... :)

After filling our stomach, we are heading to our next 2 destination, which are Forbidden CIty 故宫/紫禁城 and Tian An Men 天安门。We took almost 2 hours to walk thru these two places. It's already sunset when we reach Tian An Men eventhough it is only around 5 to 6pm. Luckily, wemanage to see the daily 降旗礼. So many peoplie surround the compound to view it.

Our 3rd day schedule ends with an Acrobatic Show. This is something that all China citizen proud of. The show take around 1 hour. The most attractive part is the 四川变脸。They even come to the audience seat to perform the last 3 faces. n curious...dunno how they do it.

Beijing Day 2


First morning in Beijing. Our first destination is Great Wall. We can see the Great Wall from far in the bus. Amazing....the ONLY manual workmanship can view from the outer space.

Previously only getting know the Great Wall from books or other materials. But now, I really step on it!! I must say that the people from that time are really bravos!! How can they built the Great Wall manually?? How? How? How?
We took almost one hour to reach the only small part of the Great Wall. Maybe due to our dressing, it is heavy for us to move on. But we also manage to get a souvenir as a memory. At least, we had been here before...

Our next destination is Beijing Jade Craving. Erm...Youngsters dunno how to buy jade..(:P) so we only look around the factory, and see those amazing crafts.

After lunch, we move to the next, Beijing Under Ground City 北京地下(长)城. The 'city' took 10 years to build due to avoid the war between Russia (previously known as Soviet Union) and China. It had been called city coz it has mini cinema, army hospital, school, and many others facilities which are all built underground. The entrance of the 'city' is just a only small door(see the picture) and unlikely can be know by the enemy (if really war). What a pity is, the 'city' are going to be 拆除 due to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Photo taken are prohibited inside the 'city' coz it is still consider a P & C place. But they sell their famous 蚕丝 inside.

Our first shopping destination.....Wang Fu Jin Street 王府井大街. Erm...nothing to buy there but I was quite attract by their food stalls.

We have no much time to hang around in Wang Fu Jing Street coz we have a gather dinner at night. Check this out....Our dinner...

Sweet dreams....

Beijing Day 1


Me n hubby depart to Beijing today early in the morning. We are going to spend 5D4N there. Heard (hubby's cousin study there) the weather there is beginning of the winter and it is cool now...

We took 8.30am flight and transit thru new Bangkok International Airport. It is a absolutely BIG and LONG airport coz the domestic and international terminal are combined. Unlike KLIA, we took the train to international terminal if want to travel oversea. We have around 2 hours to wait for transit but we walk around 45 minutes to reach the gate. *phew* Can u imagine that?? But one thing I must say, it is a very thai-oriented airport. Very Thai identity. Many Thai building model and mascot u can find in the airport.

We reach Beijing International Airport around 4.30pm. It is already sunset. Very unused to it. Looks like already 7 or 8pm in Malaysia. But the weather is COLD.....around 0 Celsius. It will comes to negative when forward for it...We have a Thai food as our dinner. But I think it is more to Chinese oriented Thai food. Not much Thai taste.

We served by a live performance by the staff from the restaurant. They use the cutlery as their instrument and all of us are invited to dance together with them. Those aunties can dance well too... :)

Zoo Negara--part II

"Zoo Negara....Here we are!!"

"Am I looking good?"

"Phew..Have a drink before continue our journey"

"Daddy, this is parrot!!!"

"The birds are walking around"

"Mummy..This is giraffe!!"

"The orang utan is climbing the rope the the audience"

"Excited watching the Multi Animal Show"

"Saying bye-bye to the animal"

Zoo Negara--part I

Me n hubby had planned for a quite long time to bring Thaddeus to zoo. That day when Thaddeus reading his 'animal book' and able to speak out most of the animal name, then we 'really' decided to bring him to zoo negara at Setapak.

Last Wednesday, when we all reach kl then I started to simply find some info about the zoo negara at its website. The entrance fee is RM15 for adults and RM6 for kids below 3 years old. Wow..I thought is only RM5/6 for adults previouly.Hehe..maybe the price was when I was a small kid??

We bring Thad to zoo on Friday morning. Luckily it was a sunny day since KL was raining most of time especially during noon time. We reach zoo around 9.30am and there was a lot of students (kindergarten)there too. I think it was an activity before the end of school semester. Mummy was a little bit excited too since it was a long time I never visit to zoo. *hehe*

We board on a train to go around the zoo before we decide our view point. Thaddeus was so excited shouting “长颈鹿...!!”and clapping his hand when seeing a real giraffe in front of him!! We took around 15 minutes by train to round the zoo. After that, we went to see the Multi Animal Show presented by Zoo Negara. It was a 20 minutes show. Mmm..thaddeus feel bored at the first because the animal was too small and could not viewed by him ( i think). It was 2 parrots picking up the small ball to throw into the net. But Thaddeus was start gettting high when 2 orang utan come out from the back stage and climbing the rope which is hanging from stage to the audience. Haha..Thad was 傻眼 seeing this. Actually I was little afraid too when see the orang utan coming to audience place. *hehe*

Next coming up is the show by sealion. Ooo...Thaddeus really attract by the sea lion's performance. The sea lion weight 114kg. He saw the sealion jump out from the pond to catch the ball and throw the into the net. He was clapping his hand and show his excited face when see this.

We did not walk the whole zoo. Only show a few animals that Thad interested eg. hippoteneous, pig pig (wild boar), different types of cow, tiger, lion, zebra, and of course giraffe etc. We decided to have a round by train again before we going back. Thad was saying "bye bye 再见" and waiving to the animal that he knews.

The little kid was excited when reach home and telling everyone what he saws in the zoo. My sis was also 'tak boleh tahan' to him too. Hehe..

I think I'll bring Thad to zoo again. But different location next time.










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