Beijing Day 2


First morning in Beijing. Our first destination is Great Wall. We can see the Great Wall from far in the bus. Amazing....the ONLY manual workmanship can view from the outer space.

Previously only getting know the Great Wall from books or other materials. But now, I really step on it!! I must say that the people from that time are really bravos!! How can they built the Great Wall manually?? How? How? How?
We took almost one hour to reach the only small part of the Great Wall. Maybe due to our dressing, it is heavy for us to move on. But we also manage to get a souvenir as a memory. At least, we had been here before...

Our next destination is Beijing Jade Craving. Erm...Youngsters dunno how to buy jade..(:P) so we only look around the factory, and see those amazing crafts.

After lunch, we move to the next, Beijing Under Ground City 北京地下(长)城. The 'city' took 10 years to build due to avoid the war between Russia (previously known as Soviet Union) and China. It had been called city coz it has mini cinema, army hospital, school, and many others facilities which are all built underground. The entrance of the 'city' is just a only small door(see the picture) and unlikely can be know by the enemy (if really war). What a pity is, the 'city' are going to be 拆除 due to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Photo taken are prohibited inside the 'city' coz it is still consider a P & C place. But they sell their famous 蚕丝 inside.

Our first shopping destination.....Wang Fu Jin Street 王府井大街. Erm...nothing to buy there but I was quite attract by their food stalls.

We have no much time to hang around in Wang Fu Jing Street coz we have a gather dinner at night. Check this out....Our dinner...

Sweet dreams....


  1. Hijackqueen1:57 PM

    That is an awesome pic on the great wall. Must go liao after 2008.

  2. Wow,nice pictures!