Zoo Negara--part I

Me n hubby had planned for a quite long time to bring Thaddeus to zoo. That day when Thaddeus reading his 'animal book' and able to speak out most of the animal name, then we 'really' decided to bring him to zoo negara at Setapak.

Last Wednesday, when we all reach kl then I started to simply find some info about the zoo negara at its website. The entrance fee is RM15 for adults and RM6 for kids below 3 years old. Wow..I thought is only RM5/6 for adults previouly.Hehe..maybe the price was when I was a small kid??

We bring Thad to zoo on Friday morning. Luckily it was a sunny day since KL was raining most of time especially during noon time. We reach zoo around 9.30am and there was a lot of students (kindergarten)there too. I think it was an activity before the end of school semester. Mummy was a little bit excited too since it was a long time I never visit to zoo. *hehe*

We board on a train to go around the zoo before we decide our view point. Thaddeus was so excited shouting “长颈鹿...!!”and clapping his hand when seeing a real giraffe in front of him!! We took around 15 minutes by train to round the zoo. After that, we went to see the Multi Animal Show presented by Zoo Negara. It was a 20 minutes show. Mmm..thaddeus feel bored at the first because the animal was too small and could not viewed by him ( i think). It was 2 parrots picking up the small ball to throw into the net. But Thaddeus was start gettting high when 2 orang utan come out from the back stage and climbing the rope which is hanging from stage to the audience. Haha..Thad was 傻眼 seeing this. Actually I was little afraid too when see the orang utan coming to audience place. *hehe*

Next coming up is the show by sealion. Ooo...Thaddeus really attract by the sea lion's performance. The sea lion weight 114kg. He saw the sealion jump out from the pond to catch the ball and throw the into the net. He was clapping his hand and show his excited face when see this.

We did not walk the whole zoo. Only show a few animals that Thad interested eg. hippoteneous, pig pig (wild boar), different types of cow, tiger, lion, zebra, and of course giraffe etc. We decided to have a round by train again before we going back. Thad was saying "bye bye 再见" and waiving to the animal that he knews.

The little kid was excited when reach home and telling everyone what he saws in the zoo. My sis was also 'tak boleh tahan' to him too. Hehe..

I think I'll bring Thad to zoo again. But different location next time.

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