Beijing Day 3

3rd day in Beijing. We are going to Yu He Yuan 颐和园。Our tourist guide said today will be a tired trip for us coz all the place need to walk n walk n walk....

We reach 颐和园quite early today. Cool day...It is a big (suppose to say huge) garden. I must say that the emperor that time are so 好命 to own a garden for them to stroll etc. The whole garden is around 22k sq ft. Big?? ABSOLUTELY!!! But the scenery is so nice and beautiful. The old folks have a habit to write poem on the floor. You can see an 'uncle' or 'auntie' to write doing that around there. We can also see China popular 四合院 in the garden.

The building, the rooms and even the roof are very unique built. They did not using any nails. How they do it?? Wonder wonder wonder....
Next, the Pearl factory...again, I dunno how to 'see' a pearl.... empty-handed...

Lunch time....we had a Beijing most popular food...Beijing Duck北京烤鸭 in the most popular restaurant 全聚德. The duck is very juicy and crispy. Before start eating the duck, the waitress will demonstrate how to 'wrap' the duck. It's a must try food. Hubby was not a 'duck-liker' but he eats a lot too... :)

After filling our stomach, we are heading to our next 2 destination, which are Forbidden CIty 故宫/紫禁城 and Tian An Men 天安门。We took almost 2 hours to walk thru these two places. It's already sunset when we reach Tian An Men eventhough it is only around 5 to 6pm. Luckily, wemanage to see the daily 降旗礼. So many peoplie surround the compound to view it.

Our 3rd day schedule ends with an Acrobatic Show. This is something that all China citizen proud of. The show take around 1 hour. The most attractive part is the 四川变脸。They even come to the audience seat to perform the last 3 faces. n curious...dunno how they do it.

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  1. Wah,四川变脸,i never seen the real show, sure amazing LOL!