Beijing Day 4


Day 4 in Beijing. We only go to one tourist place today--Tian Tan 天坛. Then the rest day we'll go SHOPPING!!!

We had lunch at a 少数民族restaurant. They have their traditional dance show while we are having our lunch. But everyone seems excited looking forward for the shopping and having the lunch as fast as we can... *shop til we drop!!*

We are going to the 1st station named 岳秀. This is a so called fashion market. What u need and what they have. According to the tourist guide, this shopping complex is much more cheaper compare with the 2nd station(秀水) we are going later. Everybody is excited and two hours each place is too short for us!!

These are my 战利品. I still found that not enough. Hubby thing is more than me...

Going to pack my luggage. Tomorrow we are going back to KL.

Beijing...We'll be back... :P


  1. Wah,really a fruitful trip!

  2. wahh...looks like beijing is a cool place to go as well :)...ur hubby looks very young ooh