X'mas Gift

3 days before x'mas, we brought Thad to choose his X'mas gift. Since this is his first 'understood' x'mas, so we decided to let him choose himself. He took almost 45 minutes to shop around at toy's department and put all his choices in the trolley. He took 'too-too' train, helicopter, lorry, & some of cars for his choice. Before we proceed to cashier, he saw few kids was playing with a keyboard and show his interest on it. Then he quickly go to find the keyboard. The keyboard cost almost RM500.*wah! wah! wah!*

Since Thad shows his different interest this time, so we bought a keyboard for him as this year x'mas gift. But is a smaller...*hehe*

*Merry X'mas !!!*


  1. The size doesn't matter, as long as he can feel his parent's love towards him is already enough!

  2. JingRu12:15 AM

    oo...Is the time to send him to piaono class lor....hehe...