Conceive Season?

Recently I heard so many good news surround me...Many of my friends are getting or planning to have a 'piggy baby'...Some more, many 'online mummies' do have piggy on the way...Maybe some of the mommies already knew it from the forum.

Hubby and I actually had plan to have a piggy baby. Since Thaddeus already 2 years ++, it's time for him to have a sibling so that he could have something to busy with *lol* and he could have a playmate as well. One more thing, I love piggy too. :P

Erm...we still left few months time to have a 'piggy baby' ya...Opps...times constraint...


  1. Hijackqueen8:48 AM

    Go, go, go. Piggy and Dragon are one of the favourtie.

  2. Oh, 加油,加油!
    Wish you good luck!

  3. wahh u also trying...good luck..go for it ;)