Cyber Pet Adoption

As u can see from my page (left sidebar), I just 'adopt' 2 little cute pets. A penguin and a piggy. If you are interested to play with them, you may click on the little cute pet, one of them can make sound and the other one will drop into the water. Other than that, you may also click on the to feed them their favourite.

Welcome to the Cyber Pet world...!!


  1. Hijackqueen11:20 AM

    Wah, can ask the pig to do housework for me?

  2. keke..i used the spray and spray on the pig haha...

    yes i like dressing vyktore up sleeveless, like u say looks macho :P

  3. hijackqueen,
    i hope the piggy can help me do housework too!!!hehe..sounds like u r surround with ur housework??

    there r more others cyber pet at its website...