BookFest @ Malaysia

We bring Thad to the BookFest @ Malaysia in KLCC today. This is a huge & large book exhibiton (5 exhibition halls). Adults (>18 yrs old) need RM2 entrance fee. We always go to book shop with Thad once got chance because he likes books (sometimes). When we reach the BookFest, we got a 'date chop' on hand at the entrance. The 'chop' allows us to enter the bookfest unlimited in a day. Thad also ask for a chop on his hand..
Thaddeus is so excited when enter the hall. Run run here and there. Hard to hold his hand inside. We are unable to gone through the whole exhibition hall cause Thad needs to take his nap (he'll be 'pek chek' if did not take nap).
Thad had choose a small book and puzzle for himself. We choose 2 'big' color pictures books for him too. It's cheap. And hubby choose a <<孙子兵法>>> for himself. Me?? Empty-handed...

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