Bye-bye Pacifier

Ha-ha…finally we can say bye-bye to Thad’s pacifier. Since last time he was sick, I told him that “cannot eat ‘cute-cute’ (pacifier) or it will make u cough…”

From that time on, he did not ask for his ‘cute-cute’ anymore… everything going smoothly. He did not cry to ask for it or whatever… And now, even I ask him whether he wants his ‘cute-cute’, he will say ‘no no...’

Mm... Should I ‘thanks’ to that sick?? *rolling eyes*


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    Dear thad's little mummy,

    Is great to hear that thaddeus already say bye to his 'cute cute'.i am sure in the future sure got more things to be improved...:) go go thad...

  2. oo..that's a good milestone ;)

  3. Bravo and big big boy already...

  4. Wah! It seems so easy to convince him. such a big and clever boy.

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