God Bless...

My grandma (father’s mama) was admitted into hospital few days ago. She was second time kena stroke. We went to visit her when back from KL. Father did not follow as he’ll visit her every early in the morning. She looks weak.

When we reach the hospital, we met uncle and some of my cousin. According to uncle, grandma was slightly stroke one week ago, but nobody notice it. They thought it just the side effect (grandma was cough & taking medicine) that when grandma complaint that she is a bit dizzy.

Just happen that my youngest aunt reach and she start crying when seeing grandma. Grandma was comforting aunt and asks her “don’t cry, don’t cry”. Aiyo, so sad when hear it. Then grandma says a lot of thing and sounds sad. She even mentions everyone’s name and asks them “don’t these and don’t that, must take care….” *sad*, and asks aunt to call another aunt to come back (stay in Australia). I heard mama say aunt already back on the next day.

Grandma still in the hospital now. May god bless her.


  1. must be hard on your family... take good care :)

  2. Emm..sad. May God bless her indeed!

  3. Take care and pray hard. I am sure she'll be fine.