Nightmare to daddy??

That day I was dreamt that a few 'big size' guys barged to my house. I felt scared cuz only left mother and I. Then I warned and shouted at them "u guys better get out from my house!!!". But who knows that one of them turn back to me and show me his 'buku lima'!! I was shocked and quickly hold his hand to BITE him!! By the time I just want to bite the 'guy' hand, my alarm rang and I saw that I was holding hubby hand and was going to bite on it... !!!*laugh* *laugh* *laugh* Luckily he is still asleep.

I told hubby after that and he responed 'shock+laugh' and said must thanks to the alarm for saving him!!! I told some of my friends about the dream they even 'advice' me that not to put knife beside by bed to avoid any 'accident' occured...

Never dreamt like that in the 20++ life.. (^_^)


  1. aiyor... you bite one ah? LOL!
    dangerous for your hubby! :P

  2. wow the dream so kan chiong huh :P

  3. Haha..alarm definitely saved your hubby!