Thad Says "..."

My little prince recently 'talk' a lot. He can speak out hubby n my name, my sis name, and even my sis's doggies name. U know, sometime, he can shout my name in front of public e.g. "xx (my chinese name)小姐" .. OMG!! make me so 'pai se' but funny in other side. *slap n slap head*

Here are some dialog between hubby n thad:

Thad : Papa, 看牛妈妈。。。
(Papa, want to see cow..)
Papa : Ok Ok, 牛妈妈什么颜色?
(What is the colour of cows?)
Thad : Yei yei ,白黄
( black, white n yellow)
Papa : Boy, 看到鹅吗?
(Boy, did u see goose?)
Thad : Yeng yeng..
(远远-far far there)
Papa : 鹅什么颜色?
(What is the colours of goose?)
Thad :头黑黑,颈项白白。。
(head is black and neck is white)
Papa : 鹅去那里?
(Where did the goose go?)
Thad :回家找妈妈。。
(back to home to see mama)

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  1. hehe..lucky u don't have nicknames or else if he calls out lagi dunno where to hide face rite