Trip Postponed

Hubby and I supposingly will be away to Bangkok/HuaHin for 4D3N from 2-5 Oct. This is an oversea conference + trips for us from company. But unluckily, we received a call from company just after Thailand release the news about their "government earthquake". The trip will be postponed until further notice.

I heard Hua Hin was a place where their Thai King always go for vacation...Wow...must be a good place ya...


  1. wahh do post the photos of ur trip after u come back later huh...i'm sure it's a nice place ;)

  2. Oh, both of your hubby and you are from same company?!

  3. hi jazz,
    I hope could go to that place asap too so that can take as much as pic that i can...hehe...but trip will postoned til further notice.. *sigh*..

    hi huisia,
    ya..we r doing the same job from same company..