My hometown (Sri Gading, Batu Pahat) never been popular before. Recently if you read newspaper daily, you'll see the name appear in front of you. The flood never happened more than 20 years. yet this is the second time within a month the flood happened. The last flood happened when I was in primary. My father's shop was 'kena air' in the first time. But for the second time, my parent's house kena juga. They just moved in the house last year. I think the furniture, more seriously is the kitchen cabinet was 'in' the water!!! *yuk* *yuk* *yuk*

Here are some photo of the flood:
The flood along the Yong Peng highway
The water starts 'attack' us!!
My father's shop was under "attacked"!!


  1. aiyoo...I hope the flood will go off quickly

  2. Kesian. Ur parents must be so tired cleaning both the shop and the house.