Sister Wedding 家有喜事

A backdated post...

My second elder sister wedding which is held in SP (my BIL hometown). So we whole family went to SP from last thursday (25 Jan) til sunday (28 Jan)

The wedding banquet held a day before the ceremony (26 Jan). Some photo here to share with all of you...

Before went to the dinner, say cheeese The couple march-in

from left:mama, papa, sis & BIL Pretty?? handsome??

Good pose ya.. 'Yam-sheng'-ing...

Playing around wif his ballon...

At night, the "上头" & "开面" ceremony (my 1st time seeing this ceremony)

The second day was the wedding ceremony. Little Thad was 'responsible' on open the car door for BIL. We were worry about his performance. As you know, he'll become 'unstable' if he knows he is the keyperson in front of the public. But unexpectable, he works perfect!!! Good job, boy!! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Second day photo...

The bride... 3 sis (fr left): me, 2nd sis & eldest sis

My family & relatives (hubby not in, bcome driver)

Look here...'deng-deng..' Thad's here All bro & sis on that day...


  1. wahh..what is that pic with the string over at ur sis's nose???

    very pretty the bride hehehe

  2. jazz,
    the red string is use to do 'facial' (jz pattern only )for my sis. They called this '开面'. It is a traditional culture. Me oso 1st time seeing this.

  3. JingRu12:04 PM

    Yor....i muz check out all photos from lemon or u during CNY later~~ cant wait to see!

    p/s:ah boy looks excited wor...muz b a good experience for him.