Bedtime Story

Today we reach home around 11.30pm. The little Thaddeus came out from his room and wave his hand say 'HI' once he hears daddy's car central locking sound. He is so sensitive when hear the vehicle sound (eg. ah-gong's motorbike, mummy & daddy's car, and even our neighbour motorcycle and car). He is so excited when hear our car back from outside.

Btw,since he is so excited so he is refuse to go to bed again. Both of us and ah-ma persuade him and try to ask him sleep but he is still showing his excited face. When he saw us wanna go out from his room then he start crying. At last, daddy stay at his room to accompany him.

According to daddy, this is the first time he talks the bedtime story to Thaddeus. Daddy had talk the <三只小猪> and <龟兔赛跑> to him. What makes funny is Thaddeus was making sound effect when he hear daddy say "风吹" and sometime show his "傻笑" face to daddy. At the end, he is still refuse to sleep and we still need ah-ma helps to accompany he sleep.


  1. It's a good practice to read stories to Thaddeus at bedtime. Try to make some expressions along with the stories, I'm sure he'll try to imitate and will love to listen to stories.

    Destinee wants me to read to her before she goes to sleep every nite. I've been doing dat since she was 2.

  2. Wah! Destinee love bedtime story ya..Where do u find so many story for her? U buy bedtime story book?
    Destinee will fall into sleep when listen to the story??