My Bag Journey

I love to buy bags..^_^ Whenever go shopping, I like to see bags. And if can, I'll 'bring' them home. Haha..

This is my latest collection..A pink big hand bag (It's my working bag). I need a big bag to put all my things in due to some booklet/handbook I need to bring when I do fieldwork.

What's in my handbag??
- Handphone
- Purse
- Notebook
- Handbook/Booklet
- Guasa board
- Name card holder
- Lipstick & lip gloss
- Calculator
- Pen
- Tissue Paper

I like to use this size of purse. It is more 'lady' and no need to fold the notes.
What's in my purse??
- $$ of cuz
- IC & license of cuz
- ATM card
- Credit card
- Photo of Thaddeus, hubby & I.
- Some ATM slip.
- Medication card.
- Misc card (Padini and Jusco card)

What is in my Card holder??
A lot of seldom use card. Most are the membership card for xx shop.

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  1. Haiya, Linda, u are a bit late lar. I think most of the bloggers u tagged have done their 'homework'.

  2. I like to buy bag too..
    I think just from innately, lady ma....

  3. hehe..i like the purse too, agree with you it looks more woman :)