First time challenge

My mother and sister will going to Beijing for their vacation next week. This is the Mother's Day gift from us to her this year. Besides that, this would be my first time to take care (handle??) Thaddeus by myself for such a long time. It is a bit embarassing since Thad is my kid but I never look after him by ALONE since he birth. Actually I am looking forward for next week because I would like to see my ability to look after this little friend. So I'll bring him to kl to my sister place so that got someone to help me (hai~~still need ppl help) in case I need to work.

Frankly speaking, I feel happy that my mum can go to vacation (without Thad). She always could not bear to see Thad left behind if she is going abroad. Finally,she goes this time. And I'll be full time mum for next week.

Last but not least, wish me good luck and hopefully Thaddeus will cooperate with me. (^_^)


  1. Wow,can't believe next week is your first time to handle Thaddeus, anyway, wish you good luck in handling.

  2. no worries, I'm sure he'll be very co-operative :)

  3. Don't worry. I am sure you can manage him alone.