This is a late post actually..

First day;
Last 2 weeks thaddeus was kena high fever in a weekend evening. We thought is a normal fever but it was not!! So coincidence that me and HUbby were outstation that time. We only to manage go back home to see him on the next day.

Second day;
We found that his fever was come and gone. But on the next day we found that he was 抽筋 a few time. Then we only realise that maybe this is not a normal fever. We bring him to a nurse just opposite my house and her husband was so kind and call to the Klinik Kesihatan nearby. After they check the Thad's temperature, it was 38.5'C. They advice us to bring him to GH. We have no choice cuz Thad's paed was close on sunday. When we reach GH,Thad was register to emergency sec cuz he is under 2 yrs old. After check by doctor,she advice us to let Thad warded. I'm not so 甘愿 but hubby prefer Thad going under observation.That was a terrible night. Thaddeus was sent to 抽血 . OMG!!The doctor ask us to go out else we can't bear to see him. I heard Thaddeus cry so loud while waiting outside the treatment room. My tears
also cannot tahan. He can't sleep well at night and whenever see his hand he'll cry.

Third day;
When the next morning a paed specialist came, he ask us to let Thad stay one more day as Thad's blood report shown that his platlet was under normal amount. Thad waS suspct DENGGI!! BUt hubby refuse this time as we found that the doctor not really 'observe' Thad and Thad's fever had going down also. The paed specialist approved it and ask us back again to have another round of blood test on the tuesday.

Fourth day;
We bring thad to his paed on the tusday noon once we knew that Thad's platlet had back to normal. His paed tell us that denggi fever only will be proved after 4-5 days fever. And GH did not going thru the Ujian Sirologi (Denggi test) for him cuz this test cost expensive. Normally GH only will suspect denggi thru the amount of platlet. She ask us back to check again if Thad still fever on the 5th day.

Fifth day;
We saw Thad's body got red spot in the morning. Then we sent him back to his paed again. Luckily this time doctor give us a GOOD news!! She said that Thaddeus only kena 'piak'(hokkien)--fake measels. OH.. THANKS TO ALL GOD in the heaven. He makes us tension a week and let us relax finally. His paed also release when saw him only got fake measels. She advice us not to bring him to 'gai-gai' this 2 weeks and avoid crowd place as Thad's immune system will weaker now. So we are very hardworking now to built his immune system once again.

Health is the most precious gift to our child isn;t that??


  1. Denggi? Really scared u, didn't it? Poor Thad had to undergo so many procedures. Luckily it was only fake measles. *a big phew*

    Health is the most precious gift not only to our kids but to us too.

  2. Keith kena fake measel when he was 6 or 8 mths old. Fever off and on. AFter that can see red spots. AFter one week should be ok.